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Fresh Tissue

Fresh Tissue

Access a Global Provider Network with the Capacity to Source Fresh Tissue Samples

iBioSpecimen substantial community gives get admission to excessive first-rate sparkling tissue samples from loads of providers across the world, supplying pattern and affected person variety that plenty of today’s studies require.

Let our specimen professionals assist decide the feasibility of your sparkling tissue request whilst additionally exploring dependable options to assist hold your studies on track.

Across our whole community, tissue samples are amassed beneath neath IRB-authorized protocols with strategies to assist make sure consistency and first-rate. All samples are amassed in complete compliance with regulatory requirements and best-exercise guidelines.

Fresh Human Tissue

Finding the Right Fresh Tissue Samples for Research

Using the iBioSpecimen Marketplace, researchers can look for and request fresh, frozen, or constant human tissue samples that shape particular donor profiles. These necessities might also additionally include, however, aren’t constrained to:

  • Medical conditions
  • Medical procedures
  • Social & family history
  • Demographics
  • Outcomes data
  • Tests & test results
Finding the Right Tissue Samples for Your Research

A New, Efficient Way of Finding Fresh Tissue Samples for Sale

Intuitive specimen search

Intuitive specimen search

Through an unmarried interface at the iBioSpecimen Marketplace, you could faucet into our big and developing community of hospitals, biorepositories, exercise groups, industrial laboratories, HIEs, and different healthcare groups that offer get right of entry to tens of thousands and thousands of richly characterized biospecimens and affected person encounters.
Streamlined ordering and procurement

Streamlined ordering and procurement

Search the iBioSpecimen Marketplace for tissue samples in stock or attain out to our biospecimen professionals to talk about feasible custom series requirements. We’ll assist to streamline specimen procurement–from small to huge projects, simple to complex, and from feasibility to fulfillment.
One contract—hundreds of providers

One contract—hundreds of providers

We manipulate contracting and compliance methods throughout all companion sites, giving get admission to biospecimens accumulated and controlled throughout masses of healthcare corporations around the sector with an unmarried contract. With iBioSpecimen, you could say goodbye to time-consuming, paperwork-heavy, multi-dealer management.

Fresh tissue refers to biological tissue, such as organs or specimens, that is harvested from a living or recently deceased donor for medical or research purposes. It is used for various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Fresh tissue can be collected through surgical procedures, organ transplants, or from donors who have consented to tissue donation after death. The collection process varies depending on the specific medical or research purpose.

Fresh tissue is used for organ transplantation, cancer diagnosis, research into diseases like Alzheimer’s, and in cosmetic surgeries, among other medical applications.

  • Yes, the use of fresh tissue in the USA is subject to strict regulations and guidelines established by organizations such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and various tissue banks. These regulations ensure safety and ethical practices.
  • Yes, individuals can choose to donate their fresh tissue for research or medical purposes by registering as tissue donors or specifying their wishes in advance directives. Organ donation programs also facilitate tissue donation.

The World is Your Biobank

Expand Your Patient Sets By Tapping Into Our Global Network

Our network reaches many people all over the world, so you can reach beyond the limited or limited number of patients.

Procuring Biospecimens For Precision Medicine

With iBioSpecimen you have more access to different samples that meet your design and information needs.

Access the Fresh Tissue Samples You Need for Your Research