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Buffy Coat

Human Buffy Coat Samples

Human buffy coat samples are received from diseased and normal healthy patients for study.

Easy and streamlined sourcing of buffy coats to be preserved and collected in the future

Through the iBioSpecimen Marketplace®, researchers have access to a global network of stored and future collected buffy coat donors and patients with or without matching kits. Our extensive supplier network gives us access to a large inventory of standard buffy coats from sick and healthy patients. Our network will also facilitate large-scale future collections of high-quality coordinating sample sets, including buffy coats. Each matched sample set provides baseline clinical data and unconfirmed pathology information for patient cases.

Buffy Coat for Research in Alabama

Richly Annotated Ibiospecimen Data

All buffy coat samples we offer on the iBioSpecimen Marketplace are fully annotated and contain anonymized patient data such as:

  • Diagnoses
  • Clinical Lab Test Results & Procedural Test Results (Colonoscopy, Mammogram, MRI, etc.)
  • Outcomes Data
  • Pathology Reports
  • Demographics
  • Medications & Procedures
Richly Annotated Ibiospecimen Data

How Can iBioSpecimen Inventory of Samples Help Advance Research Projects?

High concentration of genomic DNA

High concentration of genomic DNA

Buffy coat contains a large amount of gDNA per ml, making it a good material for genome preparation research projects.
High concentration of leukocytes

High concentration of leukocytes

iBioSpecimen provides buffy coat samples containing up to 10-20 times more white blood cells than whole blood. This is ideal for concentrating large amounts of sample and reducing downstream cell separation.
Decreased sample variability

Decreased sample variability

By providing researchers with buffy coat samples, iBioSpecimen eliminates the need for donor-specific soluble serum factors as the serum is already extracted from the sample. From here, donor-to-donor variability is greatly reduced.

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Expand Your Patient Population by Tapping Into Our Global Network

Our network spans different communities around the world. Reach beyond limited patient populations.

Matching biological samples for precision medicine

We need access to biologivaly samples that match the course of a particular patient of interest. With iBioSpecimen, you have more options for obtaining diverse samples that meet stringent standards and data requirements.

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