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ibiospecimen. was created to solve a significant problem: how to reconcile quality-of-life scientists who need human biological samples with the thousands of samples provided by hospitals worldwide. Our

ibiospecimen Marketplace experience helps solve this problem by reinventing the biospecimen process to facilitate rapid clinical discovery.

The creation of the USA ibiospecimen platform aimed to address a crucial issue in the field of research: the need for high-quality human biological samples, particularly human FFPE tissue sample, and the challenge of connecting scientists with hospitals worldwide that have thousands of available samples. The platform's innovative ibiospecimen Marketplace experience revolutionizes the biospecimen process, streamlining and expediting clinical discovery.

Human FFPE Tissue Sample for Research in USA
Human FFPE Tissue Sample

The iBiospecimen Marketplace Marketplace Marketplace Marketplace Marketplace Marketplace

ibiospecimen Marketplace in USA stands as an exceptional and transformative platform that plays a pivotal role in advancing medical research through the seamless connection of researchers, biobanks, and donors. At its core, this innovative marketplace addresses the critical challenge of ethical specimen procurement, particularly human FFPE tissue samples, ensuring that high-quality biospecimens are readily available for scientific investigations.

Marketplace for Researchers

Marketplace for Researchers

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Easily obtain samples from diverse patient populations and find even the most “difficult” biospecimens now that the world is your biobank.

In the realm of medical research, the USA ibiospecimen platform has transformed the landscape of biospecimen acquisition, especially in the case of human FFPE tissue samples. By leveraging this innovative platform, researchers gain access to an extensive repository of biospecimens, ranging from common samples to the most challenging ones, representing diverse patient populations.

Marketplace for Sample Providers

Marketplace for Sample Providers

We’re opening the door for more biospecimen sharing

Biospecimen sharing fosters collaboration among researchers, advancing medical discoveries through access to diverse and valuable biological samples.

Human FFPE tissue samples hold immense value in medical research as they provide critical insights into various diseases and their underlying mechanisms. The USA ibiospecimen platform recognizes the significance of these samples and has established itself as a leading facilitator for researchers seeking access to such valuable biospecimens.


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By collaborating with ibiospecimen, we extend our presence within the scientific community, offering direct access to specimens for advancing new diagnostics and therapeutics.

Eric Carbonneau, MS, MT (ASCP), Director of Core Lab Operations & Research Institute, TriCore Solutions
General Questions

Frequent Asked Questions!!

ibiospecimen leads in specimen procurement, linking clients to a worldwide provider network. Our ibiospecimen Marketplace allows researchers to acquire needed specimens with speed, efficiency, and compliance. Curious about ibiospecimen and what we offer? Find answers to common questions below.

FFPE samples often suffer from degradation and alterations during the fixation process, affecting the quality of extracted biomolecules. The cross-linking caused by formalin can hinder nucleic acid extraction and affect the performance of some assays. Specialized protocols and equipment may be required to overcome these challenges and obtain reliable data from FFPE tissue samples.

Place the FFPE tissue blocks securely in leak-proof containers or vials, ensuring proper labeling. Use absorbent material (e.g., absorbent pads) to manage potential spills.

Yes, maintain appropriate temperature conditions during shipping. Consider using temperature-controlled packaging or dry ice if needed to preserve sample integrity.

Minimize the risk of contamination by using proper packaging materials and ensuring containers are securely sealed. Additionally, avoid shipping with hazardous or potentially interfering substances.

ibiospecimen collaborates with a global network of countries, providing access to a diverse range of specimen blocks for researchers.

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