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Human Urine Samples

You can access fresh and banked human urine samples and data from a diverse, global population of patients and providers.

Streamline Urine Sample Procurement

Whether you’re looking into urine biomarkers, developing diagnostic-based assays, or observing drug metabolization, iBioSpecimen will assist you in selecting the best sample match from our extensive global network.

Do you have complex example prerequisites? With our extensive data sets, you can confidently obtain clinical remnant, banked, or prospectively collected human urine samples from a variety of our diseased and healthy normal offerings.

Human Biofluids for Research

Finding the Right Urine Specimen Match

Using the iBioSpecimen Marketplace®, researchers can easily search and request human urine samples that match a donor’s profile. These requirements may include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical Conditions
  • Outcomes Data
  • Social & Family History
  • Demographics
  • Medical Procedures
  • Tests & Test Results
Finding the Right Urine Specimen Match

Our Unique Urine Sample Offerings

Large sample volumes

Large sample volumes

iBioSpecimen is capable of offer get entry to urine samples in very huge quantities, permitting researchers to scale their tasks and convey extra data.
Testing data

Testing data

Using iBioSpecimen proprietary acquisition capabilities, researchers can obtain large volumes of sample data, including detailed measurement data and, if necessary, information about the device involved in the experiment medically. Highly-specific shipping conditions.
Highly-specific shipping conditions

Highly-specific shipping conditions

At iBioSpecimen, we are knowledgeable in sample delivery and processing procedures. For all urine specimens, we help ensure they are stored in non-metallic urine containers at the appropriate temperature, including freezing at -20°C (if specified).

The World is Your Biobank

Expand Your Patient Sets By Tapping Into Our Global Network

Our network reaches many people all over the world, so you can reach beyond the limited or limited number of patients.

Procuring Biospecimens For Precision Medicine

With iBioSpecimen you have more access to different samples that meet your design and information needs.

Access the Urine Samples You Need For Your Research